I haven't written this page yet.

But when I do, I will point to the official job description that my company put out. Update: No I won't, because the job is taken. Sorry. Bye bye.

I will say that it's basically a LAMP job, although if the P is the P of Perl or PHP, then you're likely to have better luck than if it's the P of a Python. (We're not really into snake urine, sorry.)

If you are coming here from PerlMonks and want to know about the modified OpenGL.pm that Russell Belfer, a co-worker of mine, put together, please send me a reminder email at sfink@reactrix.com to pester him for the patch. He had to modify some headers. Or something. We aren't actually using it for anything yet, so it was more an experiment that Russell did to perhaps provide lots more functionality to the game programmer guy so he wouldn't have to wait for our (slow) release cycle.

Hah! I lied! After pestering Russell for this, it seems that OpenGL.pm is not so far along as I thought. He says it could be coerced to compile, but it's a pretty simplistic wrapper around some old version of the OpenGL headers, and any remotely modern version will have many problems. I briefly looked at SDL::OpenGL (I think that's what it's called), and it seemed fairly reasonable, and possibly not tied to SDL. Then again, I haven't actually tried it yet.